3 Quick Couponing Tips

Here are 3 quick tips for getting the most out of your grocery budget:

1.) Make a list and don't leave home without it. Going to the store without your shopping list is one of the easiest ways to crush your grocery budget. You will be tempted to buy things because you see them, or because you are hungry or because you think you need them. If you make a list, and stick to it, this will be the easiest way to help combat these purchases.

2.) Compare prices with your store flyers. Take 2 or 3 of your local stores sales flyers and set them side by side. Take your list (see tip one above) and compare prices for these stores. Whenever possible, shop at the store with the lowest prices for the items on your list that week.

3.) Match up whatever coupons you have with the items on sale from your list above. This way, you are not only getting the sale price, but you are using a coupon to take the price down even further.

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For more couponing tips, check out some you tube videos or some of the links on the sidebar.

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