- Your Home Movies on DVD - 20% off

When my mom passed away last year I got her boxes of old movies, but have no way to see them.

Until now, this service is GREAT!

The box you send to iMemories holds more than videocassettes, film reels and pictures—it’s full of irreplaceable images and memories. To keep them safe, they’ve engineered an advanced technology and process to track every media asset through its entire lifecycle at iMemories.

Their track record speaks for itself: after processing hundreds of thousands of jobs, they’ve never lost or harmed a single photo, video or film. When sending in your media, you typically purchase a SafeShip Kit, which contains everything you need to safely ship your priceless memories. This groundbreaking turnkey system includes a custom, crush-proof box, specialized packaging materials--and even a GPS tracking option. Because FedEx is the nation’s most reliable courier service, they've selected FedEx as their exclusive shipping partner.

I feel comfortable with them knowing they will treat my life's memories as if they were their own.

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