I came across an article at dailyfinance.com that I found very interesting on consumer use of coupons, and what the trends are.

Essentially, more consumers are using coupons than ever before, and at an increasing rate every day.

Below are just some snipets from the article, which is very interesting and makes me glad my have a stockpile.

The website tracks how often people view and print coupons and their redemption rate. Right now, Coupon.com's Internet Coupon Index, as it's called, shows a spike in coupon offers and demand. This pattern is almost identical to the one that played out right before the last major economic downturn. The higher the index value, the more consumers are under economic pressure, Boal told CNBC.com.

It also helps to look at the types of coupons shoppers are redeeming. The most popular ones right now are for soup, cheese, rice, pasta and M&Ms. "When people are feeling tightened, they seek comfort food.

But also things that make them feel better from personal care and beauty. Dove soap, Pantene and Vidal Sassoon are trending right now," said Boal.

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