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POST UPDATE: 2/23/2017 Since originally writing the post below, I have come to LOVE and have made 72 hour kits for my entire family!  Couponing is a great way to get items for your kit and help your family be prepared for anything. 

I have recently been made aware of something called a "72 Hour Kit". Have you ever heard of one of these or do you have one?

I had no idea I was so unprepared!

A 72 hour kit is a kit you make that contains enough food, water and clean clothes to last you for 72 hours. It is usually kept in a backpack or something transportable, so you can grab it and go in the case of an emergency. In most emergency cases, (tornado's, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.), it can take the rescue teams about 72 hours to reach you.
Having your own food and water can be a lifesaver in those times of need.

In my researching this topic I came across a great web site called They have this fantastic tool called the food storage analyzer.

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The Analyzer allows you to calculate the estimated length of time your food storage will last based on age, gender and number of people (according to USRDA guidelines). It also includes current nutrition levels in your food supply, as well as helps you understand how to balance the nutrition with future additions.

It is a free tool that helps manage various types of food storage in one program. You can even enter your own custom products!

This is FANTASTIC for anyone that has a stockpile!! If you are new to extreme couponing or a seasoned should try this tool out. Even better, if you have a website of your own, and you try it out and post about it, they will send you a $10.00 gift card for their site!

I tried it out, entered most of the products in my stockpile (there are LOTS) and was surprised to know, that in the case of an emergency, if I had to live off my stockpile, my husband and son and I would be lacking in protein and water!!

The website even has suggestions for foods that are high in I know what I need to add to my stockpile, and I will use my $10.00 gift card to order some freeze dried turkey!

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