If you have seen an episode of TLC's Extreme Couponing lately, you may be wondering "how can I do this"
I have created a "Top Ten" list of tips to help you on your new coupon journey!

#1-Find your coupon number. Figure out how much time you are really willing to put into your extreme couponing efforts.

#2-Start slow and be patient. It will take some time for your stockpile to grow.

#3-Focus on one store at a time. Once you are comfortable with how couponing feels, move on to another, and eventually try some "deals" too.

#4-Be willing to let go of store and brand loyalty.

#5-Be willing to try new products..don't just stick with your favorites all the time.

#6-If you miss a sale this week, don't worry, you will catch another sale the next time that item cycles through the sale trend.

#7-Don't EVER let couponing become a chore...keep if fun, and fit it into your life, don't let it become your life :-)

#8-Share the wealth whenever possible and "Pay it Forward"

#9-Be consistent in your couponing efforts, each and every week.

#10-NEVER leave home without your coupons.

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