TLC asked me a few questions about my extreme couponing. Here are my answers and here is a link to the entire TLC "meet the extreme couponers" blog.

About My Family: Married to James, with one son, 4-year-old Levi

Q: How long have you been couponing?
I have been couponing for 2 and a half years

Q: Why did you start couponing and how/when did it become "extreme"?
I started couponing to save my small business and because my husband's employer was doing layoffs--I wanted to be prepared for the worse. The money I save by couponing goes directly to our small business to keep it afloat. It became extreme after about 2 months and when I realized just how much was really possible to save with a little effort on my part.

Q: What do you do with most of your stockpile?
I use my stockpile to feed my family from. I also donate 50% or more of what I get to my local food bank, and I donate to other charitable causes throughout the year. If there are items in my stockpile that are near (2 months or less) expiration, I donate those as extras to the food bank. From my stockpile I make gift baskets and am always giving bags of food to my friends or neighbors. Anyone that comes to my house for a visit never leaves empty handed.

Q: What are your top 5 tips for anyone who wants to get started in couponing?
1. Start slow - it will take time. Everything will go on sale sooner or later.
2. ALWAYS use coupons in an ethical manner
3. Be consistent-don't skip a week of getting coupons. Trust me on this one you will regret it. A sale will come up and it will require the use of the coupon from the insert you did not get.
4. Have fun with couponing, Don't ever make it a chore - who needs more chores?
5. Donate your excess! Even if you don't need it or won't use it--if you are at the store, and its free, and you can get it--do so and then donate it.

Q: What top 5 things were you surprised to learn when you started couponing?
1. That things go on sale seasonally..meaning there is a right time of year and a right price for everything--it all eventually goes on sale.
2. How much I could actually save--I thought it was a myth!
3. How much I could give back--before coupons, I was never able to afford to give to food banks--now I have an abundance to give!
4. How many people STILL don't use coupons, even after they see how much they can any level
5. How much fun it would be :-)

Q: What are your top 3 favorite resources on the web?
3. Various blogs and other couponing web sites/Facebook

Also, meet Chrystie Corns who was on my episode last night too.

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