I did an interview with the Hartford Courant last week that was published in today's paper.

It was a GREAT article on Extreme Couponing and how I fit it into my life, and how I give back.

Here is the beginning of the article ....(read the entire article here):

With a name like Treasure, one would think Treasure Philips of Groton would have been plugged into the world of extreme couponing long ago.

But it took a struggling family business to get Phillips into a methodical practice of saving 90 percent at the grocery stores.

That was just two years ago. Now it's a lifestyle, with deftly planned shopping trips, two big binders of coupons to face any situation and a stockroom with seven months worth of goods, and enough of some items to last a year.

With a blog and classes, Phillip, 45, gets national recognition Wednesday by being part of the first season of profiles on the TLC series "Extreme Couponing."

When a film crew followed her around the local ShopRite to make a recent haul, it didn't cause any more commotion than she usually does at the store. With her two bulging binders and often more than one cart, people always are stopping her anyway to ask about her process or where an item could be found in the store.

"Usually people think I work there," Phillips says. "But I can usually tell them where things are, because I'm in there so often."

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