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My episode of TLC's Extreme Couponing will air on Wednesday, May 18th at 9:30pm ET..I sure hope you will watch it with me :-).

I realized that some of you may only know me as an extreme couponer so in keeping with the theme of my site, which is to teach, I wanted to teach you all that there is more to me than just a stack of inserts, and a couple of coupon binders!

I have my own custom picture framing business called Framed-Arts.com

So, this series of videos is designed to teach you how I do custom picture framing.
In the series of videos, I will walk you through the entire process from design, to mat cutting, to glass cutting and more!

I hope you enjoy them, stay tuned for more.

Watch the first in the series here.

Extreme Couponer Does Picture Framing
(2nd-4th in a series of 17)

Stay tuned for the last video in this series, and you might just snag yourself an EXTREME COUPON for some picture framing :-)

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