Ahhhh The Case-It Binder

If you watched TLC's extreme couponing episode last week, then I am sure you saw my 2 huge binders!

Well guess what?? They weren't big enough! My non food binder--the red one, has been busting at the seems for quite a while now.
It is a 3" binder with about 4" of coupons in it. I have been hunting and hunting for a 4" one and FINALLY found one on Amazon!!

Case-it D185 4-Inch XLarge Capacity Zipper Binder - BlueBinders)

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a 4" binder.

Now what to do with my old 3" binder?
Hmmm..perhaps I will host a Give-A-Way for it??
Any interest??

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