If you are reading this, then I will assume you are familiar with couponing and perhaps as of late the term extreme couponing.

Back in October of 2009, before TLC came out with its series Extreme Couponing, I referred to myself as an extreme cutter/stockpiler. So you might say I was the "Original" extreme couponer (self proclaimed that is :-) ) That said, I thought I would take a few minutes to talk to my readers/fans and those of you who are new to couponing and extreme couponing about a few things near and dear to my heart.

First and foremost:
Couponing is not MY LIFE, it is however a large PART of my life :-). Make no mistake, I love to coupon, I coupon all the time, I even take my coupons on vacation with me. But I am also a wife, mother, daughter, niece, small business owner (see here) friend, church member, PTA member....just to name a few. So how do I fit in time to be an extreme couponer too?

For me it is simple, I never let couponing take over my life. I have written in the past about managing your time with coupons and I strongly encourage you to read this if you are are thinking about kicking up your couponing a notch to an "extreme" level.

I coupon to save money and help our small business stay alive in this economy. While I hope, that someday, my picture framing business will be a fruitful venture, I still have to feed my family in the meantime...so why not do it for less?

I have said it before and I will say it again...I did not wake up one day with a stockpile lair in my basement, it has taken me over 2 years to build it. My stockpile continues to grow with each weekly trip to the store. Did you see what I said there...go back and read it again..."with each weekly trip to the store".

Every week, week after week, shopping trip after shopping trip, you will build a stockpile. For me, Extreme Couponing is not about rushing to the store to grab everything you can grab to see how much you can get for how little. Its about consistency. A little bit every week. Yes, there are some weeks I make more than one trip to the store if the sale is really good. My shopping trips are usually less than a 1/2 cart full of groceries and I do this EVERY WEEK. It is extreme because of the savings I get consistently.


I regularly give back to several charitable organizations. Charitable giving is a large part of the peace I feel when I "extreme coupon".

Before I was an extreme couponer, I RARELY gave to food banks--I could not afford it. Now, I often will go shopping JUST for the food bank. How? simple...I get 10 (or more) coupon inserts every week based on what I call my coupon number. Having that many coupons allows me to maximize my savings potential every time I am at a store. If an item is on sale, and I have a coupon to match up with it that will make that item free, I will get that item. Even if I already have enough of that item in my stockpile and I don't need more of it...THE FOOD BANK WILL TAKE IT.

Since I have planned my shopping trip to the store, I have my coupons cut/sorted and filed, all I have to do it put the items in my cart and pay for them with a coupon..its easy, and some hungry belly somewhere will be happier for my efforts :-).

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Kaley at www.chachingonashoestring.com on a project called "Couponing For Community" This is a program where savvy coupon bloggers unite to donate portions of their stockpiles to food banks. Kaley is teaming up with the USPS "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive again this year and it looks like it will be a fantastic program again this year. Come visit the Facebook Page and read all about it! Better yet, donate from your stockpile too.


Teaching others about extreme couponing is very important to me.

There are several fantastic web sites out there that post deals for couponers to follow. My favorite is www.AFullCup.com. I post there often as "Smurfytigger"

If you are here because you are looking for information on the new TLC series Extreme Couponing, you need to learn HOW to coupon the right way, before you jump right in to extreme couponing.

I teach classes on just that..how to do what I do. I teach to small and large groups, church groups, mom's groups, and to individuals. I will teach to anyone that wants to learn, old and young alike. If you or your group is interested in having me teach you how to coupon, please contact me via the "email Treasure" link at the top right of the page.

If you have any extreme couponing questions, I will do my best to answer them for you. Don't forget to tun in to TLC on May 11th at 9/8C for my episode of Extreme Couponing to watch how a "regular" extreme couponer goes shopping. :-)

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