Where Can I Get Coupons From

I keep getting asked "where can I get coupons from".
Besides getting your local Sunday paper delivered, there are several coupon clipping services available.

I have found one to be very reliable, and accurate with super fast shipping. Couponsthingsbydede.com

I generally get 10 inserts per week, based on my coupon number. If I know there is going to be a great sale that week, I will often use Dede's services to order individually clipped coupons as well.

That is how you start to build a stockpile...with more than one coupon insert. Ideally you should have one insert per family member. That way, if an item goes on sale, and your coupons match up making it a rock bottom price, you can buy more than one. If you have 4 inserts, then you have 4 coupons to buy 4 items with..

Make sense?

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