I found this very funny "Top Ten" list, in Letterman style, written by Lindsay at Threehundredsixtysixdays.com Too funny not to share with you all. Thanks for the chuckle Lindsay!

Lindsay is devoting a year of her life to "month-long intensive experiments, in which I will research each topic and write about my personal journey"

The month of March she is devoting herself to Extreme Couponing! What perfect timing that I should find her blog now, just before the series premier of TLC's Extreme Couponing April 6 at 9/8c on TLC.

Here the Top nine on her list...for the #1 reason Extreme Couponing is an extreme sport, well, you will have to head on over to her site to read that one!

#10. It is not about competition with others, but the difficulty of the activity.

#9. There is a lot of solitary training and researching of the best methods to achieve success.

#8. Those who don’t coupon look at couponers like they are crazy. Those who are part of the extreme coupon community are most impressed by the most extreme deal.

#7. Recognizing physical ability and blocking the natural instinct of fear are important.

#6. Couponers must be prepared on what to do in an emergency – like when the cashier won’t accept a coupon and you must pull out the copy of the store’s coupon policy you carry around in your purse so you can argue your case.

#5. That woman from the video I posted yesterday (from TLC’s Extreme Couponing) is going to have to perform a pretty spectacular stunt to get those nine carts of groceries home and put away.

#4. ”Extreme sports allow and encourage individual creativity in the innovation of new maneuvers and in the stylish execution of existing techniques.” (quote from MSN Encarta Extreme Sports encyclopedia entry, but I found it very fitting here)

#3. The adrenaline rush from getting that ‘great deal’ is intense.

#2. The danger level of being stabbed by the daggers coming from the eyes of the person waiting behind you at the checkout while the cashier sorts through your stack of coupons is high.

And the number one reason why Extreme Couponing is an extreme sport is…..
Head on over to threehundredsixtysixdays.com to find out!

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