Say it with me:

"I will never pay full price again"
"I will never pay full price again"
"I will never pay full price again"

There, now that we know what price you WILL NOT pay, you might be wondering what price should pay for certain items?

It took me some time to learn what a good price on an item was. I mean, if it was on sale, and I had a coupon for it, wasn't it the best price? Well, not always. Below is a general list of items and the maximum price I will pay for that item. Keep in mind this is something that has taken me a couple of years to learn, so some of these prices might seem out of reach or really crazy to you, but have can, and will, find these items at these prices.
Remember, I did not build my stockpile (new pictures coming soon too!) overnight.

Items I will NEVER pay for again:

I have not paid for the following items in over a year. These items are always FREE somewhere when you combine a store sale with proper use of your coupons.
(and if it is FREE stock up as much as you will use for your family, and as much as you can store)

Dental Floss
Deodorant ( Men and Women)
Body Wash (M&W)
Soap (M&W)
Shampoo (M&W)
Razors (M&W)
Shave cream (M&W)
First-aid remedies such as aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin, bug spray, Neosporin, sunscreen etc.
Allergy medicine such as, Benadryl, Sudafed etc
Cold and Flu items such as cough drops, Thera-Flu, Nyquil etc
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels/Paper Plates
Light Bulbs
Candy/Gum/Snacks-pretzels, cookies, nuts etc
Contact lens solution
Hand Lotion
Condiments-salad dressing, mayo, mustard, ketchup,hot sauce, pickles, relish etc
Air Freshners-Febreeze, Glade, Carpet Fresh, etc
Marinaides and grill seasonings
Gravy mixes
Frozen vegetables
Lunch meats

Items I will never pay more than .50¢-$1.00 for:

Baking supplies-cake/brownie mixes, frosting, toppings
Tin Foil
Raid and other insecticides
Pasta sauce
Pasta kits-Hamburger Helper, taco kits , etc
Peanut Butter
Noodles-Knorr, Rice-A-Roni type
Frozen meals-WW smart ones, Lean Cuisine, Banquet etc
Hot Dogs

Items I will never pay more than $1.00-$2.00 for:
(these items I usually combine with a store catalina deal or BOGO sales to make the OOP even less)

Fresh Produce-lettuce, carrots, cukes, onions, etc
Meats (per .lb)

Items I will splurge on--(meaning pay more than $2.00-$3.00 for):

Fresh seafood-Haddock, shrimp, tilapia etc
Fresh butcher meats
Seasonal fresh fruits and veggies
My Dunkin Donuts coffee (gotta have it)

I am giving you this list as a guide. It might take you some time to find these prices, but when you do follow my motto and
"Buy What You Need, When You Don't Need It"

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