I have decided to make a (hopefully weekly) post, listing items that you can get for free, or nearly free by using your coupons combined with a store sale.

If you are new to using coupons, read some basics here
and a little about coupon lingo here. Also, keep in mind that coupon inserts vary by region and by newspaper. So if you don't have the particular coupon I mention, it may have been in an insert different than yours. A great reference for finding coupons you need to match up to sales is www.AFullCup.com (don't forget to use referral Smurfytigger)

I will try to use the same format for all my posts to make it easier to follow the deals. Here's how they will look: ( I will post a photo when possible too)


FINAL price of item (after coupons), item description, sale price, coupon value, what insert coupon was in.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, or if you find a deal too good to pass up and want to share it, post it here and I will add it to the list!

Deals for 4/19-4/24


FREE, Tide detergent-trial size packets, .97¢, $1 off ANY size Tide , 4/4 & 3/7 PG
FREE, St. Ives body lotion-trial size, .97¢, $1.00 off ANY St. Ives body product , 3/21 SS
FREE, St. Ives face scrub-trial size , .97¢, $1.50 off ANY St. Ives facial product , 3/21 SS
FREE,(Must Buy 2) Arm & Hammer toothpaste-trial size , .97¢, $2.50 off ANY two Arm & Hammer oral care products, 3/21 SS

Shoprite: ( coupons up to .99¢ double in my area for this store-check your store policy first)

FREE, (Must Buy 3), Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta, 3/$4.00 (Must Buy 3), .75¢ Internet Printable coupon
.25¢ ea WYB both Betty Crocker Frosting and Betty Crocker Cake mix $1/ea, 75c/2 when you buy both frosting and cake mix, 3/28 SS
39¢, 8th Continent soy milk, $1.89, $1.00 Internet Printable Coupon
49¢, Reynold's Wrap assorted varieties, $1.99, 75¢, 3/21 SS
74¢, Fisher Chef sliced almonds, $1.74, $1.00 off any Fisher product, 2/28 SS

Happy Shopping, let me know how you do!

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sunnybunny said...

This is awesome! I'm so glad you decided to do this!
I appreciate all your videos and suggestions.
Your site has been a great blessing to my family and to me.
Have a wonderful day, knowing you're helping others!