How To Start Using Coupons

The Third In The Series Of Steps To Get You Started With Coupons

You can read the First article In The Series here and the Second article In The Series Here.

Lots of people make New Years Resolutions. If saving your family some money this year was one of your resolutions, using coupons may be just the thing you need!

This web site will give you some How-To advice and help you get started. One of the more popular questions I get asked is "How do I start using coupons if I have never done it before, it seems overwhelming?" Hopefully this article will answer that question for you!

Where Should I Start If I Am New To Using Coupons?

To start, read through the first 2 articles in this series, and then also read What Kind Of A Couponer Are You ? These 3 articles will give you a good foundation to start with and you will be ready to move on to the next step. Keep in mind that all levels of effective couponing take some effort, so no matter what effort you are willing to put forth, I promise IT IS WORTH IT.

I will use myself as the example here to help guide you along. My coupon number is 20. It is a number larger than I need to sustain my family and my stockpile, however it is the number that works for me and the type of couponing I do. I give back as often as possible to shelters and food pantries, and I teach coupon classes where I give out gifts of items from my stockpile.
I consider myself and extreme couponer/cutter/stockpiler.
By knowing what level I am willing to put forth with coupons, and what my coupon number is, I am able to plan out my shopping trips with ease, and so will you.

What's The Next Step?

The next step is using the information available to you to help make you a more educated shopper. There are too many resources out there to count, and I have listed a few here, but by far my all time favorites are still and .

At you can use the referral of to get a FREE 4 week trial of the service. Terri Gault-the founder of TheGroceryGame keeps track of the 12 week cycles that stores use for their sales. By using her "game" you can print store shopping lists of the items that are:

  • On Sale
  • Best To Stockpile
  • FREE this week
The lists explain what coupon to use with what item, which newspaper insert the coupon came from, and what % of savings you will get by purchasing the item.
The lists are compiled weekly and are where I start every Sunday. I go to the website, print the lists for the stores I have selected, and select which items I want to buy.
In my opinion, is the easiest place for a "newbie" to go for the next step if you are following my series of steps. After all, it is where I started too and look how good I have done!

In addition to I use for all other "deal" seeking.
In a (small) nutshell, A Full Cup is a FREE to use forum of people that use coupons and make posts about the deals they find. Anyone can join, and read the posts that users put there. If you are unfamiliar with how user groups or forums work, it might take you a little bit of time to get familiar with it, but trust me, it IS very simple and easy to do! Spend some time there, read some "threads" about different deals that people are talking about and you will soon be on your way to posting your own deals!

I'd be happy to answer questions for you on either of these 2 sources I use.
Summary Of Step 3 Using Coupons:
  • Read through the 3 recommended articles above
  • Use the information available to you at and
  • Spend time on both sites and become familiar with how to navigate around them
  • Join both sites, (FREE to do ) and see if they are something you will continue to use (I still use both of them almost daily)
  • Print your grocery list from
  • Read through user forums and see if you can find other "deals" not listed on
Make your grocery list, and get ready for Step 4!!! Stay Tuned........

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