Well, with the Holidays behind me (although my decorations are still up :-) ) I decided it was time to do some New Year cleaning. I keep my coupons up to date weekly, so my coupon binders did not need to be cleaned out....hmmmm what else could I clean??

My Stockpile! I give regularly to charitable organizations. In fact sometimes I shop just for the food bank. But I decided to do a thorough cleaning of my stockpile and make on last large donation for the year end. In that process I also checked all my expiration dates to make sure nothing had expired. (this is a good habit to get in to if you do not do this regularly now)

Here is a list of what I was able to give:

  • 10 boxes of Ritz crackers
  • 8 jugs of juice
  • 10 cans of gravy
  • 5 boxes of Nutra Grain Bars
  • 8 boxes of Cinnabon bars (ohhh these are soo yummy!)
  • 20 boxes of pasta
  • 2 jars of pickles
  • 10 tubes of toothpaste
  • 25 rolls of toilet paper
  • 15 bottles of shampoo & conditioner
  • 25 sticks of deodorant

Lets not forget, all of this giving is a tax deduction! I use Its Deductible from Turbo Tax to keep track of and calculate my donations all year and I love it. Best of all, you can use the online version for FREE :-).

In addition to giving to Charitable Organizations, I LOVE to give to people I know...just because it makes me feel good to do so.

With the proper use of coupons and stockpile shopping, this giving was so very easy for me to do. You can do it to, you just need to be dedicated to saving money, or like me now, just love the thrill of the hunt for cheap or free groceries!

While perusing online articles about giving back I found a great post on a blog here . Melanie at the Coupon Goddess gave $2862.00 worth of groceries (that she got for FREE by using coupons) to her food bank. WOW--I am inspired!! Great Job Melanie.

There Are Several Ways You Can Give Without Spending Money

Giving comes in may forms..some of which do not even cost a cent, just your time. There are literally thousands of ways you can do it. If you struggle for ways try some of these this year:
  • Pick up trash from the ground if you see it--anywhere you are
  • Donate to your local food pantry or shelter
  • Open a door for someone
  • Bring some of the items you get for free by using coupons in to your co-workers or your child's teachers--just because
  • Drop off a basket of stockpile "goodies" at a neighbors house with a note saying.."Don't worry, I did not pay anything for this, and I can show you how too!"
  • Teach someone how to use coupons
  • Donate your time-soup kitchens, animal shelters, nursing homes, a friend in need etc
  • Say "Thank You"
  • Say "Please"
  • Just Smile at a stranger--you might make their day
I would love to hear from you, how do you Pay It Forward? How do you give back without spending money? The world needs more of it, so lets band together and make it happen!

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