Stockpile shopping and using coupons has once again helped me find another reason to continue to shop the way I do. I am currently in the 6th week of NO SHOPPING. Yes, I said it, 6 weeks without grocery shopping. I can hardly believe it myself. The only thing I have had to go out and get is milk. If I had more freezer space, I wouldn't even have to do that. Yes, you can freeze milk.

What Am I Doing With All That Extra Time?

Since my shopping "break" as I am calling it, I have had some extra time to do some Christmas prep. I like to give gifts that come from the heart, or are partly homemade or handcrafted in some way. I have had some great flower gardens over the years and always collect the seeds of the plants come fall season.seeds of couponing I save those seeds for the entire year, until the next planting season. Then, when the weather warms up, I take the seeds outside and plant them. Thus "planting it forward" in a way.

What does this have to do with anything you might be asking? Well, one of the Christmas prep things I have been doing is getting together all the things that will go into my Christmas baskets/bags. One of the items that will go in there are some handmade packets of seeds, that I have harvested from my flower gardens this year.

Your Stockpile Is Just Like A Flower Garden

Planting and caring for a flower garden takes time, planning and patience. But if you are persistent, and dutiful, your efforts will pay off in summer and fall blooming season. Just like your garden will grow, so will your stockpile.

A stockpile will not "appear" overnight. It will take time to build, and patience. You will have to do all the work necessary to ensure proper growth:

  • cut all the coupons
  • organize all the coupons
  • keep a price book or track prices from store to store
  • watch your store sales fliers
  • plan your shopping trips ahead of time
  • make a grocery list, and stick to it
  • only buy what you need, when you don't need it
  • be willing to try new brands and even new products
  • do some menu planning
  • research and compare prices
seeds of couponing

If you are new to couponing and stockpiling and think you can never get there, you are wrong. You can, and will get there. It will just take time. You can't expect to plant seeds today, and wake up tomorrow and have a fully grown and blooming plant can you? Remember, you are retraining your brain and learning how to shop all over again.

Keep this analogy in mind when you think you can't do it: You are growing your "garden" (stockpile) and that takes time. You will not use the "seeds" (coupons) you "harvest" (cut) today right away, but rather "save" (file) them for "planting" (combining) later on when the "season" (sale) is right. Once your "garden" (stockpile) is in "bloom" (full swing) you can "harvest" (shop) from it any time you want. You can even give someone else a nice "bouquet of fresh cut flowers" (bag of food donated to the food pantry).

So cut your coupons now, file them away, watch for good sales, match up your coupons and go shopping when you want!

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~Melissa~ said...

I really do love being able to help people. However, I find now that my husband and son and I are in a bad situation and no one wants to help us. I know that if I can help as much as I can that goods things will come to us! That is why I keep doing it!!! I am currently making blankets to give to people!