Sunday Coupon Inserts
Extreme stockpile shopping like I do requires you to have lots of coupons. In an earlier post about great places to get coupons , I talked about several different places you could get coupons from, but by far, the best is still the Sunday paper.

The Sunday paper has inserts from Red Plum (RP), Smart Source (SS) and Procter and Gamble (P&G) on varying weeks.

There is a great web site out there called Sunday Coupon Preview where you can find out what coupons will be coming out in the inserts. This is a great resource if you want to plan ahead for some serious stockpile shopping.

Once you have all the inserts you need based on your coupon number, you will need to learn how to sort, collate and cut them in a way that wont take you hours to do.

Back in January when I first started using coupons and acquiring multiple inserts per week, I knew I needed a quicker way to sort and cut. I figured it out after a while and have now made a video to show you how to do the same thing.
Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for future "How To" videos....I am always happy to help someone learn how to save money on groceries by using coupons!

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sunnybunny said...

Thanks so much, Treasure, for sharing that video. I recently learned how to do the same thing and it's made a HUGE difference in the amount of time saved while clipping coupons.
I'm very interested in finding out how you manage your coupon binder.
I tried using one for a couple months, but I found I ran out of room for coupons as the inserts kept rolling in each week. Do you clip all of the coupons and file them, or do you have a box or something else with extra storage space? I've gone to two boxes; one for groceries and the other for well, "others.." :)
Any other tips you can give me regarding this would be so appreciated!
Thanks so much!

Treasure said...

Hello Sunnybunny, You are welcome!

I will be doing a video in the next couple of weeks about my coupon binders. I do cut all my coupons and file them. I now have 2 VERY stuffed 3" Case It zippered binders. This is the method I have found works the best for me. Check back for the binder video, or subscribe to the site to get email updates on when it is posted.

Lois' desk said...

Hi Treasure: I just discovered you through Twitter. I actually found you by seeing that you posted a tweet about PaperBackSwap, which I also am a member of. :)
All that to say, I just watched this video and think its a great system. I have been doing pretty much the same thing except for the stapling part, which I will now start doing! Thank you! :) My only question/concern is that sometimes I noticed that the pages aren't printed exactly the same distance from the edge, so when I cut multiples coupons, some of the coupons expiration dates or bar codes are cut. Do you ever have this happen? It slows me down in my cutting process as I have to line up printing so I don't accidentally cut a coupon. Just wondering if you have any solutions.

Treasure said...

Hello Lois,
Thanks for following me on Twitter.
I sometimes have the same issue with the q's not lining up...I have found this happens mostly when I have inserts from different papers. For example, 2 from the Boston Globe, 3 from the Day, and 2 from elsewhere..what I do in those cases is just staple the inserts by the paper I got them from. So in the above mentioned, I would have to staple and cut 3 separate for each paper's inserts. Make sense?
If the inserts are from the same paper, I just make sure to tap them often on a hard, flat surface to get them all to line up nice and tight, and then staple and cut.
I hope this will help!
Thanks for the comment!