The Second In A Series Of Steps To Get You Started With Coupons

Now that you know what your Coupon Number is, we can move on to the next step in this series.

One of the many benefits of shopping with coupons and building up a stockpile is the ability to pick and chose where and when you want to shop for the maximum savings and coupon benefit.
Well you might be thinking wait a minute, I already get to pick where I want to shop and I am not using coupons? True, but you may not be saving to your fullest potential.

Maximize Your Coupon Savings Potential By Shopping At More Than One Store

Early on when I began using coupons I used two websites to help me get started. One of them was the other was
It was from both of these sites that I learned the importance of shopping at several stores, rather than just my favorite or most convenient store. You see, when you shop at just one store, "your store" we will call it, you are at the mercy of the store schedule for its sale prices. The major benefit of shopping at more than one store is you will have your choice of sale items to chose from when it is most convenient for you. If store A has cereal on sale, but store B does not--and store B is "your store" then you will most likely do one of two things:

  • You will either buy the item at its shelf price because you need it OR
  • You will not buy the item and go without

If you are willing to shop at more than one store, in the example above, you would be able to match your coupons to a store sale and get the lowest possible price for the items on your list. Granted you may have to drive to a store that is not your favorite or is a little farther away..but if you can get an item for free or super cheap, isn't it worth it? If you make this part of your weekly routine it will soon be second nature to you.

When building your stockpile and using coupons to shop with, you will benefit from following a few simple guidelines:
  1. Let go of brand loyalty and be willing to try new things.
  2. Let go of store loyalty and be willing to shop at more than one store.
  3. Do trial runs with your coupons if you are timid. Meaning rather than going in and buying 20 of the same item with 20 coupons, try just 2 or 3..see how you feel and how the whole process goes..eventually you will feel more comfortable stockpile shopping.
  4. Build up a tough skin. If you shop with coupons ( and I sure hope you do :-) ) you will eventually run into a snag or difficulty at the register. You will need to learn how to handle the situation.

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