Yes, for real. I write about the benefits of using coupons all the time and how you can use coupons to help others. Well I just have to write about this one that helped myself out :-).

Free digital camcorderIt was not free by using coupons. I got it free by combing a couple of deals together and using gift cards. I posted a while back about the great Glade Candle deal going on at Target. When you buy 5 Glade holiday candles, you get a $5.00 Target gift card. Well, I took maximum advantage of this deal as you can read about in the post and got $85.00 worth of Target gift cards. All the candles were free buy using the store sale, gift card deal, and coupons together. So I ended up making money in the form of gift cards.

I have been wanting to get one of these little "pocket" type video cameras for a while but cannot justify the price. Having a toddler around who is just the cutest, silliest little thing...there are several times a day when I want to capture his antics. We have a video camera already, its a Sony and it is really good..assuming you have discs to put in it :-). It seems every time we want to video something, we either have no disc, the disc is full, or it is not fully charged and we miss the opportunity.

Target sells these little guys for $59.99. I used the gift cards I got from the Glade Holiday Candle deal and got myself this little digital video camera absolutely free. It may not be the top of the line, but it suits my needs for what I will be doing with it, and the price fit into my budget--FREE. It is easy to use and fits in my purse just like a small camera.

So while there are many opportunities out there to help others buy using coupons, don't forget, aside from lowering your grocery bill, you just might be able to help yourself every now and then....and that is a good thing.

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