Often times when shopping with coupons the trial size section of your store gets forgotten. When in reality, you can quite regularly get items for free from the trial section just by using your coupons properly and on the correct items.

I did a quick video the other day at Target with the help of my friend Wendy at www.Sweetiessweeps.com about the trial size section products.

As long as the coupon does not specifically say "Excludes Trial Size" then the coupon can be used on a trial size item. The example I show in the video covers 2 coupons, one specifically says "excludes trial sizes" while the other just says "good on any".
After your brain is re-trained you will automatically think outside of the box when planning your shopping list each week.

Remember, it is important to use coupons as they are intended from the manufacturer. Manufacturers issue coupons because they want you to buy their product vs the "other" brand. They don't want, and you shouldn't use a coupon in any other way than what is intended for.

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