This time of year it is nice to know, that the use of my coupons will not just benefit my family, but many others as well.

I went shopping today at my local Shoprite store for my weekly trip. They are having some great sales there this week on Thanksgiving type items. I am stockpiled enough to last me over 6 months on all the items that I went to get, so I decided just to shop for one of the many food drive's going on in my community. Watch the video and see the list of items I donated. Most of which I got so cheap or free it was well worth my time and effort to make the trip.

Here's what I donated and the final price after Shoprite sale and coupons were used:

  • 20 Marcal 250ct. napkins-FREE
  • 20 Uncle Bens Rice-FREE
  • 24 cans of Campbell's Turkey Gravy-.08 cents each
  • 25 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing-.63 cents each
  • 24 Carolina 1 lb bags of white rice-FREE
  • 60 Carolina Rice mix bags-FREE
  • 5 Half gallons of Cranberry juice-.25 cents each
  • 10 boxes of Triscuits-$1.00 each

While I was at the store, I noticed an unadvertised sale on Huggies Pull-Ups toddler wipes. They normally sell at Shoprite for $3.99 each, but are on sale for $1.64 each. Since I am already stocked up to the ceiling (literally!) on these, I decided to be a little brave and approach a mom I saw in the same aisle. I asked her if she would be interested in using some coupons to get some really cheap wipes. Of course she said yes, so I showed her how to get them for .14 cents each.
  • Buy 2 @ 1.64 each=$3.28
  • Use $3.00 off 2 coupon - $3.00
  • Total for 2 boxes of wipes = .28 cents or .14 cents each.
They only had 12 packages on the shelf so that is all she got...for a whopping total of $1.68..which is $2.31 LESS than one box at full price! It just makes me so happy when I can share a great deal like this with someone else! How do you Pay It Forward??

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