The First In A Series Of Steps To Get You Started With Coupons

When I first started using coupons in January, I had no idea how to do it properly. As I talk about in an earlier post regarding what kind of couponer you are , the best thing to do is find out at what level you want to coupon. Once you have that down, you can begin your saving and stockpiling to its fullest potential. I consider myself an extreme cutter/stockpiler. So when I post deals and talk about saving percentages keep in mind that I have 20 inserts per week that I am working with. Twenty is my number. Its the number of inserts that works for me and the kind of stockpiling/giving/teaching that I do.

Find Your Number, But Don't Be Afraid To Change It

Your number will be unique to you, your family and your needs. The general rule of thumb is that one insert per family member will start you off just right. Your stockpile will grow, and you will begin to see some savings. I started right out with 10-20 per week. I like to jump into things full force. You will have to pick the number that:Finding Your Coupon Number

  • Works for you and your needs
  • You can afford
  • Suits your level of couponing desire
  • Doesn't make you feel like couponing is a job or a task
Once you decide on what number works for you, work with it for a while. If you think your savings and stockpile are not growing as fast as you would like them to grow, increase your number. Or conversely, if you started with a higher number and you feel like you are not saving money because you are continually running to the store to grab some deals and your pantry is may be the time to decrease your number.

Let me give you an example:
Lets say you have decided your number is 2. Two Sunday coupon inserts is what you will want to have each week. One of the stores you shop at has Ziploc bags on sale this week for $1.25 each. That in itself is a great price, but you have a $1.00 off coupon from the manufacturer, which will make the Ziploc bags just .25 cents each! WOW--now that is a great price. You have your 2 insert coupons and you go to the store and buy 2 boxes for a total of .50 cents. Less than you would have paid for one box with no you have already saved and started your stockpile. You have 2 boxes of Ziploc bags, when normally you would only have one.

Using the same example above, lets just change your number to 10. Ten Sunday coupon inserts is what you will want to have. For the same sale, you would have purchased 10 boxes of Ziploc bags for .25 cents each--for a total of $2.50...the same price you would have paid for one box if they were not on sale and you did not use any coupons. Now you have 10 boxes in your stockpile and wont have to buy more for at least 3 months (depending on how fast you use them). Since you bought them at a rock bottom price, you saved on future purchases as well.

And that my friend, is how your stockpile will grow! Look for future posts in this series on getting you started with coupons.

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Rachel said...

How do you get 20 inserts? Do you buy 20+ Sunday Papers?


Treasure said...

I get a free local paper called the New Haven Advocate and there are inserts in there. I also have a friend send me some that she gets,and neighbors.

Irina said...

Hi Treasure,

I live not too far from New Haven (and you are in CT too, right?) Where do you get New Haven advocate and how do you get 20 papers? I didn't know they had the inserts as well. Do they do all the inserts (like RP, SS, P&G, etc.) or just some?


~Melissa~ said...

I am thinking for now my number is going to be 2. Just till I get the hang of things. Also, if I can use that many at my store as well!!!