The first few times you use coupons the way I talk about using them in my site, you might be a little confused. There are a few ways or levels, if you will, of using coupons. While using even just one coupon will save you money, I am more of the mindset that if its really cheap, and I have lots of coupons, then use them all on the sale and stockpile it! But that is just me.

I think of couponing in 3 different levels, a Slicer, a Clipper, and a Cutter (these are all my terms)..and then there is me..I would call myself an Extreme Cutter/Stockpiler. Each type of couponer has its advantages and disadvantages.

My simple way to figure out what kind of couponer you are.

You might be a Slicer if:

What Kind of Couponer Are You
  • You occasionally use coupons
  • Clip the coupons, but let them expire before using them
  • Always leave home without your coupons
  • Walk right past a blinkie machine or tearpad on the shelf
  • Think its “neat” to save a buck or two
  • You only shop at “your” store
  • You are not willing to try different products/brands
  • No need to cut and sort coupons every week
  • Spend little or no time planning
  • No need to store coupons
  • No need to buy newspaper regularly
  • Shopping trips will take longer
  • Savings will be minimal at best
  • You will not have a coupon when you need it for a sale
  • Will not build a stockpile
  • You will be unfamiliar with your store prices
    You might be a Clipper if:

    What Kind of Couponer Are You
    • You get a Sunday paper just for the coupons
    • You have your coupons cut and sorted
    • You occasionally bring your coupons with you when you shop
    • You grab a store flier when you get to the store
    • You are willing to shop at more than one store
    • You will try new products or brands
    You will have coupons for sale items
    You will slowly build a stockpile
    You can plan meals from what you have on hand
    Save a little bit of time when shopping
    You will see some savings

    Time spent on clipping/sorting coupons
    You may miss out on a good deal without your coupons at hand
    You will not know if a sale price is better this week than last week
    May waste time shopping without knowing sale items

    You might be a Cutter if:

    What Kind of Couponer Are You
    • You never leave home without your coupons
    • Your coupons are sorted and filed weekly
    • You acquire more than one weekly newspaper
    • You pick up ‘peelies’ ‘blinkies’ & ‘tearpads’ while in a store
    • You look at and plan your shopping trips from your store flier
    • You always shop at more than one store
    • You love to try new products/brands
    Rapidly build a stockpile
    Plan meals from your stockpile
    Save time
    Maximize your savings
    Never run out of anything
    Can ‘share the wealth’
    Take weeks off from shopping
    Go on more vacations with all your extra money!

    Must have room to store food and non food items
    Friends may think you have gone crazy when they see how you shop
    People in line behind you might get angry as they wait for your coupons to be rung up
    You may have too much food in your pantry
    You may have too much extra money in your grocery budget
    Whatever type of couponer you find yourself just make sure you are using coupons because it is better to save some money than to buy groceries at full prize.

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