What Items Should I Stockpile
People often ask what items should I Stockpile? There are some basic suggestions and guidelines everyone should follow when stockpiling. Buy enough of an item, when it is on a great sale, to get you through at least 3 months. You will know your family best and what your family likes to eat regularly..so this may change some of the suggested items below.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Your Stockpile:
  • When adding new items be sure to rotate stock. Move the old items to the front and newer items to the back.
  • Always check dates on packages when buying new items. Purchase packages with the longest expiration dates.
  • Try to keep like items together. This makes the job of finding something easier.
  • Remember, if products in your stockpile are nearing their expiration date, you can always donate them so they won't go to waste.
  • Butter ( can also be frozen) Anytime REAL butter is below $1.50 per pound I stock up and freeze
  • Carrots – You can freeze baby carrots quite nicely. Buy lots when the price is right and freeze.
  • Cheese-shredded cheese and block cheese can last up to 5 months-and shredded cheese freezes well.
  • Eggs-When they go on sale, buy LOTS of them and make quiche, and other breakfast meals that you can freeze. You can also freeze eggs by cracking them and breaking up the yolk into ice cube trays. Once frozen remove from tray and store in Ziploc bags in the freezer.
  • Ketchup
  • Lunch Meats-these also freeze well
  • Milk – Anytime milk is below $2.00 per gallon I stock up – you can freeze milk as long as you remove a bit from the jug before freezing –thaw & shake hard before serving
  • Mustard
  • Salad Dressing
  • Salsa-buy tomatoes in the summer/fall when they are cheapest and make your own to freeze
  • Seasonal Fruits-when they are in season, chop/slice/dice appropriately and freeze to have all year long
  • Tortillas- these make great PB & J roll ups, as well as quesadillas, and they freeze well
  • Yogurt
  • BBQ sauce
  • Chicken/Pork/Beef/Hamburg/Hot Dogs/Fish/Ham/Bacon
  • Bread
  • Frozen Juice
  • Frozen Dinners-I can often get these for .50 each..I will buy at this price and keep for the times when I need a quick meal
  • Frozen Desserts-buy these right after Holidays when they are really cheep, and keep on hand for a quick desserts when needed.
  • Frozen Potatos
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Ice Cream
Pantry (Jars, Cans, Boxes-shelf stable items)
  • Basic spices and seasonings
  • Canned vegetables & fruits
  • Olives
  • Soups
  • Beans
  • Tomato sauce/paste/chunks
  • Coffee
  • Pickles
  • Pasta
  • Condiments-Mustard/Mayo/Relish/Ketchup
  • Jams and Jelly
  • Rice/Rice Mixes
  • Crackers
  • Cake/Cookie Mix
  • Flour/Sugar/Salt
  • Cereal/Oatmeal
  • Dry Milk
  • Non-Dairy Creamer
  • Instant Potatoes
  • Baking mix (Bisquick)
  • Tea bags
  • Jello/Pudding
Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Stockpile Quickly
  • When an item is BOGO, use 2 coupons, one for each item, and get an even deeper discount
  • If a coupon does not say "Excludes Trial Size", often times, it is cheapest to purchase the smaller sized product
  • Always get rainchecks for sale items that are not in stock. You can use your coupons with the raincheck when the item comes back in.
  • Do Menu Planning around your stockpile.
  • Be willing to shop at more than one store if possible. One store may not always have the best prices and it is a good practice for you to forget retailer loyalty.
  • When purchasing multiples of items, always check expiration dates-go for the longest shelf dated ones.
  • Watch the prices as they ring up at the register. Often an item will ring up incorrectly and this can mean the difference between a sale price and a stockpile price.
  • Make sure all your coupons get scanned at the register. Sometimes coupons stick together and can be missed.
  • Be willing to try different brands. Just like trying different stores can get you better deals, being willing to switch brands will do the same thing.
To summarize: Buy what you don't need, when you don't need it. That's my way of saying..if its a great sale, buy as many as you can afford and have room to store. Whether you need it this week or not. Your stockpile will grow and so will your savings.

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Sweetie said...

Great post Treasure. I never thought of all of the things you could stockpile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Treasure! I just found your blog from one of your AFC posts and it is one of the most helpful blogs I've seen! I'll be telling my friends about it so hopefully they can become "cutters" like you & I! Thanks!

Treasure said...

Thanks Sweetie..there are actually lots more, but these are really just the basics that no stockpile should be without..I am glad it helped out!

Treasure said...

Anonymous...glad you found me...come back often. I will be adding lots of helpful information as time goes on. I love AFC--such a great site!