The amazing Target Glade Holiday Candle deal is back at Target! It runs from
10/18/09 through 12/26/09 so you still have time to get in on this deal.

Target Glade Holiday Candle Deal

Here's the Deal:
Buy 5 Glade Holiday candle/oil warmer products and get back a $5 Target gift card.

You can make all your purchases in one transaction, just make sure you buy your Glade Holiday Candles in sets of 5 to make sure you get your $5.00 Target Gift Card issued for each set of 5. ( I ended up with 1 extra candle--I guess I counted wrong!)

Here are the items I purchased and the coupons I used.

17 Glade Holiday Scented Oil Candles
14 Glade Holiday Scented Oil Refills
5 Glade Holiday Glass jar Candles

17 $2.00 off any Glade Scented Oil product
14 Buy holder Get refill Free
5 $ 2.00 off any glade Scented Oil product

I was able to purchase all of this for an OOP total of $11.00 and I got back (7) Target Gift Cards with a value of $5.00 each on them. When you figure the gift card value into the deal, I got all of these Glade Holiday Candles for FREE and I made $24.00 on the deal! Plus, inside each Scented Oil Candle Holder is a coupon for $2.00 off any 2 Scented Oil products that does not expire until the year 2012.

Stockpile now, while the price is right for the whole year.

This is a wonderful deal going on at Target and I plan on going back once I get more coupons. I will use these candles for gift baskets for my sons teachers this holiday season, as well as gifts throughout the year. They are great to have in your stockpile. These Glade Holiday Candles wont go bad, you don't have to check the expiration date and they smell so yummy!

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sunnybunny said...

You did this all with one transaction, right? So did the cashier just issue the $5 gift card right then while he/she was ringing you up? I guess my question really is did you get a $5 gift card for every five you bought? Or do I have to buy five, check out and then go back and buy five more? Just trying to figure this one out. Thanks so much for all the great info. on your site! :)

Treasure said...

Sunnybunny Yes--I did it all in one transaction. Each time 5 Glade Holiday Candle items ring up, the register prompts the cashier to issue the gift card. After every 5 Glade items, the cashier would issued the gift card, keep scanning the items, when another 5 were rung up, the register would prompt again to issue another gift card etc etc.
So you can buy them all at once, just do it with a total that is evenly divided by sets of 5--so you will get your gift cards. Meaning buy either 5, 10, 15, 20 etc
Hope this helps!

Tyler said...

Just came across this site, and I LOVE all your information! I am still new to couponing and am a little confused with this deal. Most importantly, do you know what week these coupons were in the paper? Also, could you possibly lay out exactly what the prices of the candles/warmers were before any discounts? I think I may not have the right coupons, the only glade scented oil coupons I have are $2.00 off of two. Are yours $2.00 off of one? I don't seem to have any buy the holder get the refill free coupons at all. Are these coupon variations common?

Thank you again, for all of your work, it is truly appreciated! I can't believe how long I've been paying full price for things, it makes me cringe!

Treasure said...

Hey Tyler,
The coupons have been in several different inserts. Some were in the 9/20 inserts,the 10/4 inserts. The 2.00 off 1 coupon came in a glade candle I purchased a few months ago. The Buy candle get refill FREE coupon came from a blinkie machine.
The candles, warmers and refills are each $2.50.
Yes--coupon variations are VERY common.
I hope this helps!