ShopRite Mega Shopping Trip 10-6-09

Here is my latest ShopRite Mega shopping trip. In a post like this I plan on listing my latest shopping trips with details and pictures so you can see how truly possible it is to save upwards of 80% on your groceries week after week.

ShopRite Mega Shopping Trip 10-6-09

Great ShopRite Coupon Shopping Trips

Below is what I purchased at ShopRite and the coupons I used to get the deal. I will show the details as follows:

qty/item/sale price/coupon used/final price

  • 24/Gum Toothbrushes/.88/1.00/FREE
  • 2/Gum toothbrush covers/1.00/1.00/FREE
  • 1/pack M&M's/.69/Try Me Free/FREE
  • 8/x14 Toilet Bowl Cleaner/.99/1.00/FREE
  • 5/Johnson's Buddies Bars/1.09/1.oo/.09 ea
  • 3/Lysol Wipes/1.88/1.00/.88 ea
  • 10/Air Wick i-Motion Mini/4.49/4.00/.49 ea
  • 1/Dove Skin Vitalizer machine/4.41/3.75/.66
  • 1/pr Black Knee High socks/1.49/1.00/.49
  • 11/Playtex Living Gloves/1.49/1.00/.49 ea-plus earned $5.00 OYNO cat
  • 4/Fisher Honey Roasted nuts/1.99/1.00/.99 ea
  • 4/Pepperidge Farms cookies/3.39/1.00 off 2/2.89 ea-plus earned MIR for FREE tote bag
  • 4/Betty Crocker Cookie mixes/2 for 4.00/1.00 off 2/1.50 ea-plus earned $10.00 OYNO cat
  • 4/Chex mix bars/2 for 4.00/1.00 off 2/1.50 ea-plus earned OYNO catalina above
  • 12/Carolina Rice Mix/4 for 5.00/.75/.05 ea
  • 2/Macaroni Grill Dinner Kits/3.99/1.00/2.99 ea-plus earned OYNO catalina above
My total OOP for this ShopRite shopping trip was $65.50, Coupons tendered amount was $207.50 making for a total savings of 76%. When you factor in the OYNO catalina's I earned, my actual savings is 83% on my mega ShopRite shopping trip.

Great ShopRite Coupon Shopping Trips

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samamfee said...
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samamfee said...

I'm impressed.. I like what I see. Can I follow your shopping list at my CVS and get the same results?

Treasure said...

This trip was for Shoprite so the deals would not work at CVS. I will be posting CVS deals in the future.
Thanks for checking out my site..I hope it was helpful.