To save money with coupons just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Collect
  2. Organize
  3. Stockpile
It's really just that simple.

Step 1: Collect your coupons

Coupons can be found everywhere you look, if you just look. The best place to start is, of course, your local Sunday Paper. The Sunday paper has "inserts" in it from 3 publishers.
The Smart Source, Red Plum, and Proctor & Gamble. Not every insert will be available every week. The schedules vary and you can go directly to the site of each for more information.

Below are some other places coupons can be found.
  • Sunday inserts
  • Tear pads
  • Blinkie machines
  • Peelies
  • Internet/Online
  • Local library
  • Direct from manufacturer
  • Friends and neighbors
  • Magazines
  • Display stands in stores
  • Lobby of your Dr. Office
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Trade shows/fairs
Be creative and as. Look around for coupons everywhere you go.

Step 2: Organize your coupons

There are a few ways you can organize your coupons. By insert, the binder method, the envelope method, or the coupon organizer (to name a few)

Organize coupons with an 8 pocket coupon organizerThe simplest method is the traditional 8-pocket coupon organizer. This method is straight forward, but is only good if you are an occasional couponer or what I like to call a "clipper"

Organizing by insert is another simple way to store your coupons. You simply write the date of the insert on the front cover of the insert and file them away in a 3 ring binder in sheet protectors. When you need a coupon for an item, just go to that insert, find and clip the coupon. This method is again, for the "clipper". Good for occasional use, but not for the serious couponer.

The Envelope method is a good way if you are going to be more than just a "clipper" with your coupons. With this method, you will have a box (shoe box, photo storage box), and you will sort your coupons in envelopes, and then file in your box according to categories that you decide will work for you.

Organize your coupons in a binderThe Binder method is my favorite method, and is great if you are going to be what I call a 'Cutter' with your coupons. This method also works great if you are a stockpiler and a serious saver! You simply need a binder, page dividers, trading card pages and lots of coupons. If your zipper binder has pockets, you can put a calculator & scissors in there too.

With this method, all your coupons are cut and organized and you can see each and every one. You will always know what coupons you have, because you can see them all every time you are looking in your binder.

Step 3: Stockpile

Stockpile PicturesLots of things may come to your mind when you hear the word 'Stockpile'. But I am sure they are not positive thoughts. It took a while for me to "retrain my brain" when it came to stockpiling.

Stockpiling can be defined in many ways when it refers to grocery stockpiling.

Finding the super deal and then buying not one or two, but as many as you can at the super deal price is one way to think of it. Another is creating your own warehouse in your home and no longer depending on the store to give you a great price. You can wait it out, until another super deal comes along.
I like to say "Buy what you don't need, when you don't need it...and buy lots of it!"

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