How to Stockpile

Stockpiling can mean a lot of different things to lots of people. I like to think of it as getting the best deal for my time and money--and getting LOTS of the deal. By having lots of essentials on hand, I never have to run to the store for last minute items.

But lets face it, I did not just wake up one day to the 'grocery store' I now have in my house. Like anything worth having, it took time. But every minute I spend cutting coupons, or reading a forum for the latest deal has been WELL worth it. When I first started cutting coupons in January of 2009 I did it to try and save a little bit of money.

Basics of Creating a StockpileThe very first time I got FREE shampoo just by combining a store sale with a manufacturers coupon, I knew I was hooked on more than just using a coupon. I thought "what if I get more of that free shampoo this week--it wont go bad, and then I won't have to buy it for a long time" Those thoughts are what keeps my stockpile growing to this day.

It will take some time to get your stockpile growing. My stockpile became a noticeable thing in my house in just 2 short months. After the FREE shampoo deal I ran into, I started buying about 10-15 papers a week.

Having multiple inserts is the best way to build your stockpile fast!!

That way, when the shampoo goes on sale and you can match it with a coupon, you will have multiple coupons. Multiple coupons, means multiple FREE (or at least really cheap) items...and this is how you make a stockpile grow.

One sale at a time, one item at a time.

Don't expect to have a filled pantry in one or two shopping trips. Plan for your stockpile to grow over a period of time. Don't put pressure on yourself to hurry up and get a stockpile. If you do this, you will only get frustrated, and may begin to lose interest in the best money saving technique around. It's important to retrain your brain on how you shop. Stockpiling does not break the bank, or your fact quite the opposite if done right.

In the first few weeks, plan on purchasing 3-5 items for your stockpile. For example, lets say you go to the store today with the following list: (and your coupon binder of course!)

  • Toilet Paper
  • Tissues
  • Butter
  • Bacon
  • Tin Foil
  • Laundry Soap
Basics of Creating a StockpileAssuming you have already compared your weekly store ad to your coupons as discussed in this post about Planning your shopping trip with coupons, you will already know what the prices are going to be.

BUT--lets say the store is having an in store special that was not in the ad, and the Tissues will be $1.00 less than advertised when you buy (WYB) 2 rolls of toilet paper.

WOW--what a great deal!

You already have coupons for both the tissues and the toilet paper--but now with the in store special and your coupons, the tissues will end up being FREE. This would be a great time to get more than you had planned. This is the time to stockpile your toilet paper and tissues.

Buy as many as you have coupons for, as many as you can store, and as many as you can fit in your cart I say! Next week, when you shop, you will not have to buy any toilet paper or tissues! your stockpiling!

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