Lots of people ask me for pictures of my stockpile and to see what it is that I am doing. I understand why, its a visual thing. I myself am what you would call a visual learner. I learn by doing and seeing. So with that said, I decided to share some photo's with you all. I will add more photo's in other posts as time goes on, so if you need a visual to get you motivated to cut those coupons...check back often.

Keep in mind, that I classify myself as an Extreme Coupon Cutter/Stockpiler . I also donate 30-50% of what I am able to get for free or really cheep to the Gemma E. Moran United Way Food Bank . My stockpile might look rather large, but it is constantly changing as I donate/use items and different items go on sale. I don't just shop with coupons for my family, I shop for charity and education. :-).

You can save money with just one set of inserts each week, or you can do what I do and go all out. Or you can find your happy place somewhere in between there. I do what makes me happy, and that is giving back, and teaching others.

Grocery Stockpile PhotoThese Capri Sun juice boxes regularly sell for between $2.89-$4.29 a box. Before using coupons this is something I would NEVER have bought due to cost. With the sale at A&P and coupons, I was able to get these for $.69 cents a box--so I stocked up for the summer. I got 22 boxes. They were great for summer play dates with my son and his toddler friends. I am down to just 2 boxes now--so it was quite a good investment I think.

Grocery Stockpile Photo
Dish soap regularly sells from between $1.29-$3.99. I was able to get these at CVS with the sale and coupons for $.25 cents each. They wont go bad, I have room to store them, and now I don't worry about running out of dish soap and having to run to the store and pay full price. Which in itself is another good reason to stockpile. With all this dish soap you would think my dishes would always be clean...........hmmm....

Grocery Stockpile PhotoThese Kraft salad dressings regularly sell for between $2.99-$4.29 a bottle. By combining a great sale at both A&P and Walmart with my coupons I was able to get 99 bottles for FREE. Not only did I get the dressing for FREE, for every 3 I bought I used another coupon that was for FREE BBQ sauce WYB 3 Kraft products. In all, for FREE I got 99 bottles of dressing and 33 bottles of BBQ sauce. I gave 50 bottles to family and friends, hosted several cookouts during the summer and used most of the BBQ sauce, and donated 25 to the food bank.

Grocery Stockpile PhotoHealth and Beauty aid (HBA) items (shampoo, soap, deoderant etc.) can be so very expensive. This is one area where the savings really add up quickly when you stockpile and use coupons with store sales to shop. People often will ask me how they can get coupons for meat or fresh vegetables. While those are the rarest coupons to find and it is easy to get discouraged you can still save. More than 75% of the time I get shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, razors, mouthwash etc for FREE. By saving so much on those costly items, I am able to afford fresh produce and better cuts of meat. So while I may not have a coupon for meat or produce, I can still save.....and save a lot.

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Vanessa S said...

I was wonder ing if you will still be breaking down your purchase? How many of which coupons you use for the item, etc? Seeing it written it seems to be easier to follow.

Treasure said...

Thanks for the comment, I will try to post the prices and coupons that I used with each deal as a guide. Keep in mind that YMMV depending on your store/coupons etc.
Hope this helps. If not drop me an email from the tab above.

ihchicky said...

You could easily start your own grocery store with all of those bottles of salad dressing! lol :)