Change The Way You Think About Coupons
Back in January of 2009 I did not even know what Stockpiling was or how to effectively use coupons. With the help of two GREAT web sites I learned what I know today and am able to effectively use it to teach others.

The process of re-training will not happen overnight.

It will take some time. You should not expect to wake up tomorrow after reading this article and have it all sorted will take time. It took me about 3 months to really, really "get it" when it came to using coupons effectively.

When I say "Get It" here are some examples of what I mean:

  • I would walk into a store, and see a coupon in the Blinkie Machine and walk right past it thinking 'I don't need rice this week, therefore, I don't need that coupon'
  • I would see coupons in magazines and just flip the page and ignore them.
  • I would mock a .50 cent coupon thinking 'what a waste of time to cut this, what good is .50 cents!'
  • I never looked at the store sales fliers that came to my house in the free community paper, I treated that as junk mail.
  • I made dinner based on what I could find last minute in my freezer.
  • I hunt out those Blinkie Machines, in anticipation of that item going on sale someday.
  • I actively look for coupons in magazines everywhere--friends' houses, office lobby's, neighbors, etc.
  • I LOVE .50 coupons--they will double at most of the stores I shop at.
  • I eagerly await Wednesday's--the day the community paper arrives--so I can start planning my next weeks shopping trips.
  • I use menu planning from the items I have in my stockpile as a way to make dinner preparations and plans go quicker.

    Change The Way You Think About Coupons

Its not rocket science, but by slowly changing the way you think about coupons and anything coupon related, you will surely be on your way to a well rounded stockpile and significant savings on your grocery bill.

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